Please upload "must-read" articles, reports, and other relevant materials to Documents Library

WHAT: We are asking for your help in putting together an annotated bibliography of all relevant, controversial, and/or foundational (i.e., must read) writings in the field of casualty recording and estimation.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN BY PERSON SUBMITTING THE DOCUMENT: Please post what you think are the most relevant and/or controversial articles, reports, and documents in the field of casualty recording and estimation in the DOCUMENTS section of this website (see instructions below)--and more importantly, let us know why you posted the material in the "Comments" section of the entry.  You should: briefly summarize the argument/findings of the piece; highlight its methodological strenghts and limitations; and note which aspects of the document you agree or disagree with.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN BY OTHERS: Please let us know whether the assessments of the original poster are correct and/or whether you would characterize anything about the piece differently?  Please do not post ad hominem attacks--stick to critique of the methods, approaches, and conclusions found in the article/document.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR POSTING A DOCUMENT: The first thing you'll need to do is create an account under the "Login" tab and wait for one of us to approve your membership in the site (this shouldn't take more than 12 hours during the work week).  Once you've been granted access to the site, click on "DOCUMENTS" in the top navigation bar, then click on the green "+" icon at the top of the library, and then follow the instructions found in the page that opens.  Unless you have intellectual property rights to the document being posted (or it is clearly stated as being open access without electronic storage and dissemination limitations), please do not post the actual document to our site.  Rather, post a link where it can be downloaded by others.  If no such link exists, just include a clear bibliographic entry that can be used by others to obtain the document. 

TO COMMENT ON DOCUMENTS POSTED BY OTHERS: Once you've been granted access to the site, go to the Documents section, click on the title of the document, and then submit a comment in the "Comments" section as you would on any other site.  There may be a short delay from the time that you submit the comment to the time it actually appears on the site.